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  2013 Jennifer Fill
School: University of South Carolina
Field of study: Jennifer Fill is a graduate student at the University of South Carolina. Her research topic is entitled “The Spatiotemporal Scale of Wetland Integrity: Amphibian specialists as bio indicators.” She will use the award to study the effects on long leaf pine ecosystems. Frogs will be her “amphibian specialists” in the coastal plains of South Carolina.
  2013 Corey Palmer
School: Northwestern University
Field of study: Corey Palmer, a Master’s Degree candidate at Northwestern University, will study soil recovery in prairie restoration to determine if land management practices are working. She will conduct her field work at a regional Chicago-area prairie site and will investigate the connection between the age of a prairie restoration, soil nutrients at the site, and composition of the soil microbial community. Her research lab work will be conducted at the Chicago Botanic Gardens’ Plant Science Center.
  2013 Corey Rovzar
School: UCLA’s Department of Geography
Field of study: Corey Rovzar is a graduate student at UCLA’s Department of Geography. She will study the endangered state flower of Hawaii, Hibiscus brackenridgei, in Oahu’s dry forests to study previously made plantings and to determine if distribution affects restoration of an endangered species.
  2012 Shelby Flint
School: University of Minnesota
Field of study: Is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, will compare the restoration-relevant traits among different population sources of native grass (Panicum virgatum), commonly referred to as switch grass. She will research risks associated with sourcing restoration germplasm and translocating plant populations.
    2012 Wesley Beaulieu
School: Indiana University
Field of study: Is a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University, will do his field work on the east and west coasts of Florida, studying the effects of fungal symbiosis on the success of (Ipomoea pes-caprea), a foundational cosmopolitan beach species
  2012 Erin Meier
School: Colorado State University
Field of study: Is a Masters candidate at Colorado State University. Her work will focus on conserving the diversity of high-elevation pine ecosystems by testing the southern Rockies seed zone delineation for Limber Pine (Pinus flexilis). This research will enhance an ongoing program and will provide the science foundation necessary to make conservation decisions for the species.
  2012 Caroline DeVan
School: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Field of study: A Ph.D. student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, will study the cascading impact of deer abundance on bee communities. She will use twenty existing deer enclosures and monitor the bee community composition and floral resources.
    2011 James Arrigoni
School: "University of Vermont BS in wildlife, Syracuse Post Standard, SUNY ESF"
Field of study: "Ph.D. student at SUNY- College of Envir. Science and Forestry, Dept of Envir. and Forest Biology in Syracuse, New York. The focus of his research is Quantifying restoration success: ecological metrics of constructed vernal pools."
    2011 Rachel Silverstein
School: "University of Miami, RSMAS Columbia University,BA"
Field of study: She's focus on her research is Coral gardening: raising threatened staghorn corals in nurseries for reef restoration and investigating their resilience to environmental stress.
    2011 Peter Eyheralde
School: University of Northern Iowa
Field of study: "Ph.D. student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Iowa State University, will study the role of bison in a tallgrass prairie reconstruction."
    2011 Alexis Doshas
School: Antioch University New England Massachusette College of Art
Field of study: "The title of her research is Effects of biological soil crusts on germination and growth of key successional dune plants Deschampsia flexuousa and Myrica pennsylvanica on Cape Cod, Massachusetts."
    2010 Megan Gallagher
School: Wellesley College - B.A. Northwestern University & Chicago Botanic Garden - M.S.
Field of study: Using 4 study sites to test her hypothesis that plants grown from local seeds are more adapted to their locales than non-local seeds & in the case of prairie restor. will result in more sustain. proj. for both the site & for surround. native habitat
Project location: Western Minnesota
    2010 Rebecca Tonietto
School: Kalamazoo College - B.A. Northwestern University - M.S. Northwestern University - Ph.D. Plant Biology and Conservation
Field of study: Will investigate effects of restoration on wild bees in 20 prairie sites. Results of her study will help prairie restoration to better support a diverse and abundant native bee community.
    2010 Annalisa Weiler
School: St. Cloud State University - A.A. University of Minnesota - B.S. - Biology University of Central Florida M.S. - Biology
Field of study: Is conducting experiments in former citrus groves to determine if current non-native vegetation structure limits native plant germination & establishment. Results will provide land managers iwth guidlines for restoring former citrus goves.
Project location: Central Florida
    2009 Ryan Klopf
School: "Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, IL Ph.D. Candidate in Plant Biology Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, IL M.S. Plant Biology 2007 The College of William and Mary B.S. Biology 2004"
Field of study: Restoration Ecology Will study whether above ground biodiversity affects recovery of belowground ecosystem fucntion.
    2009 Heidi Connahs
School: "Tulane University Ph.D. Candidate Brighton University, UK BSc Hons Forestry and Biological Sciences, Higher National Diploma -Forestry"
Field of study: Will evaluate the ecological resilience of improved Spartina alterniflora in marshes exposed to riverine forcing.
    2009 Lea Johnson
School: Rutgers Univ. Ph.D. Candidate in Urban Restoration Ecology City College (CUNY) M.Ed. - Science Education New Mexico Highlands Univ. M.S. - Biology/Environmental Science & Management Univ. of New Mexico B.A. - Literature/Biology
Field of study: Urban Restoration Ecology Will investigate the long-term effects of ecological integrity restoration to urban forests overgrown by invasive species (bittersweet and porcelain berry).
    2008 Erica Capuana
School: University of Rochester B.S. Western Wahsington University M.S. in progress
Field of study: Terrestrial Ecology Assessment of Riparian Conditions
Project location: The Noonksake River Basin
    2008 Michael Fitzsimons
School: University of Wisconsin-Madison B.S. University of Chicago M.S. & Ph.D in progress
Field of study: Microbial Ecology Ecological restoration of soil microbial communities; how & whether to manage mycorrhizal fungal community compostion following plant restoration.
    2008 Elizabeth Kalies
School: Cornell University B.S. Yale University M.S. Northern Arizona University Ph.D in Forest Science
Field of study: "Ecological Restoration/Wildlife Ecology Will study the effects that the ecological restoration of SW ponderosa pine forests has on the composition, sturcture, &functions of the small mammal community."
    2007 Kerri Crawford
School: Rice University PhD Candidate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Field of study: "Will study the combined effects of high species diversity and high genetic diversity on increasing the stability and functioning of an ecosystem, specifically the Great Lakes sand dunes in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore."
Project location: Michigan
    2007 Melanie Barnes
School: University of New Mexico
    2006 Christopher Gabler
School: Rice Universtiy/PHD Candidate Tullane University/Transferred Loyola University/B.S. Biological Sciences
Field of study: "Community Ecology, Restoration Biology"
    2006 Julie Burton
School: University of Minnesota/M.S. Foresty Ecology and Silviculture University of Wisconson-Madison/B.S. Forest Ecosystem Management University of Wisconsin-Madison/PhD Candidate in Forest Ecology and Management
Field of study: Forest Restoration/Forest Ecology and Management Project: Will study the restoration of old growth forests in order to modify management practices to benefit biodiversity and ecosystem function.
Project location: "Flambeau River State Forest, a second growth sugar maple dominated forest."
    2005 Jonathan Hickman
School: State Univeristy of New York - Stony Brook Ph. D. Candidate Cassar College BA
Field of study: Nitrogen Fixation by the invader Pueraria Montana; is Kudza creating a legacy of altered ecosystem processes?
Project location: Samplings will be taken at priority sites in the Mid-Atlantic and South
    2005 Patricia Townsend
School: University of Washington Ph.D. Biology University of FLorida MS Zoology Harvard Uiversity MA Biology Parsons School of Design BFA Fashion Design
Field of study: Biology Study: Factors limiting succession in abandoned pastures in Costa Rica.
Project location: "Research site in the Monteverde region, Costa Rica"
    2004 Elaine Hooper
School: Yale University Ph.D. Candidate University of Illinois at Chicago Ph.D.- Biological Sciences McGill University MS-Biology University of Saskatchewan BS.
Field of study: Effects of forest fragmentation on seed dispersal and forest regeneration at project site in central Amazon.
Project location: Brazil
    2004 Uzay Sezen
School: "Uiversity of Connecticut, Ph.D. Candidate; Middle East Technical University-Turkey, BS & MS."
Field of study: Ecology Parentage analysis of Iriartea deltoidea in a regenerating tropical second-growth forest.
Project location: "Site: La Selva Biological Field Station, Costa Rica."
    2003 David Lyon
School: University of Arkansas Ph.D. Candidate Environment & Economics University of Kentucky MA Forestry Hendrix College BA
Field of study: Forestry Evaluation of restoration of native plants in glade ecosystems where soil properties have been influenced by eastern red cedar.
    2003 Rebecca Vidra
School: University of North Carolina Ph.D. Restoration Ecology University of North Carolina MS Ecology Ohio State University BS Natural Resources
Field of study: Resotration Ecology Proposal: Includes multi-scale and experimental approaches to evaluating the role of exotics and their control in urban forest corridors.
Project location: "Raleigh and Cary, NC"
    2002 Karin Kettenring
School: University of Minnesota Ph.D. Oberlin College BA-Biology.
Field of study: Study: focuses on prairie pothole restoration and the role of seed set and dispersal for sedge species.
    2002 Jacqueline Levy
School: San Francisco State University MA-Biology Sarah Lawrence College BS-Biology
Field of study: Ecology Role of butterfly gardening as a means of restoring habitat for the pipevine swallowtail butterfly (Publisehd in Journal of Insect Conservation)

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