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  2013 Bryce Anzelmo
School: Stanford University
Field of study: Will measure mercury capacity on brominated and on-brominated activated carbon. He intends that his research will help to make fossil fuels, namely coal, safer to use as we transition into a world with energy generated from non-carbonized sources.
  2013 Michelle Hartmann
School: Rutgers University
Field of study: Will pursue studies in landscape architecture, urban planning, and art in Germany. Planning a career in sustainability or architecture, she will focus this summer on environmental solutions through education and community outreach.
    2012 Carissa Aoki
School: Dart College
Field of study: A Ph.D. candidate at Dartmouth College, will conduct pine beetle field research in New Jersey. She will collect field data and run experiments pertaining to the current southern pine beetle (Dendroctonus frontalis) outbreak in the New Jersey Pinelands.
  2012 Brian Giacopelli
School: College of New Jersey
Field of study: A junior at the College of New Jersey, will work full time with a professor researching the genetic diversity of broom sedge grass (Andropogon virginicus), a native grass in the eastern United States, but introduced to, and considered invasive in, California and Hawaii.
  2012 Elizabeth Podowski
School: University of Oregon
Field of study: Is pursuing a Masters in Landscape Architecture degree at the University of Oregon. Her project is to study the effects of vegetation on water quality in wetlands managed for storm water control in Staten Island, NY.
  2012 Sarah Bluher
School: Princeton University
Field of study: A junior at Princeton University, will participate in the Tahoe-Baikal Institute Summer Environmental Exchange Program, where young environmentalists from around the world work together on restoration projects, environmental research and outreach in the Lake Tahoe and Lake Baikal watersheds
  2011 Molly MacLeod
School: Marlboro College BSRutgers University
Field of study: "Ph.D. candidate at Rutgers University, will develop methods for restoring native bee pollinators on agricultural lands and, research how to bring the right plants to the right bees."
  2011 Sarah Wilkinson
School: State University of New York
Field of study: "Masters program in Environmental Science and Forestry at the State University of New York, will study density and population changes for Eastern White-Tailed Deer."
  2011 Natalie Koncki
School: Hotstra University MSUnion College BS
Field of study: "Pursuing a Masters in Biology at Hofstra University and in New Jersey and New York. Specifically, she will model the effects of climate change on three southeast invasive aquatic plants."
    2010 Elizabeth Craig
School: Columbia University - B.A. Cornell University - Ph.D. in Zoology
Field of study: Will study the carry-over effects of winter diet on Double-crested Cormorant using isotope analysis of feathers to determine winter foraging locations.
Project location: New York Harbor
    2010 Erin Wiley
School: Universityof Michigan - B.S. University of Pennsylvania - Ph.D. in Biology
Field of study: "Will focus on the effects of defoliation on Black Oak, monitoring defoliation's effect on tree growth and carbon reserves."
Project location: New Jersey Pine Barrens
    2009 Lauren Frazee
School: The College of New Jersey B.S. 2010
Field of study: Biology & Spanish Will study the population genetic sturcture of the warm-season grass Andropogon virginicus (broomsedge) in its native and introduced ranges.
Project location: Eight week residentail Mentored Undergraduate Summer Experience (MUSE) at the College of New Jersey
    2008 Emma Aronson
School: "McGill University, Montreal, Canada B.Sc. University of Pennsylvania Ph.D in progress"
Field of study: Biogeochemistry/Global Climate Studies The Effects of Environmental Parameters on Nature Flux
Project location: New Jersey
    2008 Candace Grand Pre
School: Franklin & Marshall College B.A. East Carolina University M.S. University of Pennsylvania Ph.D in Progress
Field of study: Sea Level Change
Project location: "Late Holocene Relative Sea-Level Change in the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, NJ"
    2007 Sarah Mittlefehldt
School: University of Wisconsin/Madison Ph.D. Candidate
Field of study: "Will conduct her dissertation research on the social and environmental history of the Appalachian Trail, focusing on one case study in New Jersey."
Project location: New Jersey
    2006 Lena Usyk
School: Central Michigan University MS (2007) Conservation Biology Rutgers University-Cook College BS Wildlife Management
Field of study: Biology Project: Study of LeConte's Sparrows and other Grassland birds.
Project location: Munuscong Bay in Michigan
    2006 Anne Eschtruth
School: University of CA - Berkeley PhD candidate Yale Universtiy - School of Forestry & Environmental Studies MFS University of Michigan BS Resouce Ecology & Management
Field of study: Forestry Ecology Project: Forest Response to Interacting Disturbances: Conservation & Management of Forest Ecosystems
Project location: Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
    2006 Jonathan Schramm
School: "Rutgers University PhD (2007) Calvin College BS, BA"
Field of study: Ecology & Evolution Project: Thesis research/Japanese Stiltgrass Invasion
    2005 Shannon Galbraith-Kent
School: Rutgers Univ/PhD Eastern Kentucky Univ/MS Thomas Moore College/BA
Field of study: Ecology and Evolution Program at Rutgers U.
    2005 Jennifer Callanan
School: Montclair University PhD candidate MS 2005 BS 2001
Field of study: Environmental Management Project: Long term implication of forest fires on soil chemical properties as a result of mineral alterations.
Project location: Pineland Region of NJ
    2004 Christie Klimas
School: University of Florida Ph.D. Candidate in Forestry University of Florida MS (2005) Southampton College BS (2000)
Field of study: Graduate Study of Ecology Project: Masters research involving seed yield of the Carapa guianensis (andiroba).
Project location: Amazon Basin of Brazil

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